Giving Up to Take In.

18 02 2015

Today is Shrove Tuesday, aka Fat Tuesday. Tomorrow Christians all around the globe will begin the Season of Lent. Lent lasts for 40 days, excluding Sundays.

In the tradition of cleaning out the cabinet of those food items I will abstain from enjoying these next 40 days, I ate waffles with syrup. I am also cleaning out my calendar as I am also taking my last look at Facebook for a season.

I am sure none of my friends will miss my occasional posts. I will miss keeping up with the dessert recipes and game requests (not really)! I will miss the pictures of friends and the comments of encouragement that often fill my pages. I am not sure how I will make it through Lent without Godvine or videos of puppies. ūüôā

What I will not miss are ¬†posts and repost that are less-than-kind. This Facebook experience has taught me that I have ” friends” that are very diverse.

IMG_1038I¬†appreciate each opinion, free speech and all – well… most of them. But I want a break. ¬†I think I will just unplug.

The main reason is that I want to do something else with the time I spend on Facebook. I want to re-use that time, take on a new practice. Staying connected seems right. So, I decided to take on praying for my Facebook friends,  all of them. Note: While this was something I felt led to do,  an internet search revealed I am not the first to pray for Facebook friends.

Now before you think me overly pious, I have less than 250 Facebook friends. This is a small number in Facebook Land. I am not sure how this will work. Maybe I will get through the list once a day. Maybe it will take a week or more. I plan on praying daily as the Spirit leads and give the Spirit time each day to lead.

So, I guess I am giving up and taking on my Facebook friends; exchanging one medium for another.
Perhaps you might look at those friends listed on your page and join in this journey of prayer. It is not necessary to give up reading or posting to pray for those persons whose names pop up when you click the Friends tab. That just seems the right choice for me.

If you are willing to join me, please let me know by commenting.  Imagine what might happen if we prayed for our Facebook friends!  Think of the cultural, economic, racial, political, religious and a myriad of other divides we might bridge. Tell them about it, if you want. They may have friends they wish to pray for, too. Or not. Personal choice.

Wishing you a Holy Lent.

The Lord be with you. And also with you.

Let us pray….