Homecoming Queen, and the winner is…

29 09 2013

The football field at Murphy High School has seen numerous victories. None greater than tonight.

Championship banners adorn the halls. Rings are proudly worn by State champions who have proven their prowess on the gridiron. Tonight’s victory culminated with the half-time crowning of the 2013 Homecoming Queen. There was no finer hour in the history  written on David Gentry field.

The stage was set with the trappings of Autumn. The band played the Beatles’ song entitled, ” Yesterday”. The Homecoming Court was presented one by one starting with the Seniors, moving through the classes and concluding with the 2012 Queen escorted by the Murphy High School principal.

I couldn’t help but notice  how involved those young women are as they were introduced. The public address announcer boomed superlatives through the night as  the accomplishments of each were given as they took center stage. They  are now leaders and I am sure bright futures will be before them all.

Every one of them deserved to wear the crown of Homecoming Queen. But that is not how it works. One person is chosen by the student body to wear the crown. Like every other contest there is one winner and the rest finish in a tie for second place.

The time to announce the winner was upon us. All the contestants stood before us and the band was silent. We waited. The crowd erupted when Morgan’s name was called. She joyfully allowed the laurel of silver and sparkles to be placed on her head. I confess to misty eyes and a lump in my throat. I suspect I was not alone.

What made tonight special was a whole student body showed they were exceptional students. That is what Morgan is labeled.

Labels can lift us up or bring us down. Because the human condition seems to focus on glitz, glamor, sparkle and shine we often may be blinded to real beauty. Innocence, joy, love, exuberance, smiles, and a host of other inner qualities that often are lost in a barbie doll world.

Tonight we had the privilege of seeing a whole student body being declared winners.  At the top of the list were those other contestants , three of whom will graduate and go on to  receive laurels of another kind.  If you can’t win, finish second with grace.  Believe me you are all winners!

Tonight I cheered for Morgan and all the other winners. You’re the best. Tonight Murphy High School won.

I was honored to be there and to call Murphy my home.